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Playing with HTML5 Canvas (at last!)

2016 is almost over and NOW I touched HTML5 Canvas!

Faster Decimal Number I/O In C

Today I was playing (never competing, please!) on a CodeChef programming contest and was dismayed when comparing my timings with some other competitors. Theirs were way shorter and I saw no way to improve my O(N) solution because I HAD to read an array of values. My processing was taking place while reading the data, using no loops only simple calculations.

Upgrading Mezzanine from 1.4.10 to 1.4.16 then 3.0.9

If you are seeing this it means the upgrade (mostly) worked!

Autocomplete over Associations in Rails 4

When creating a simple web application for a friend I found out the Formtastic (later Simple Form) solution for a belongs_to: :customer associaton, a <SELECT> was not the best. It simply loaded all customer names and ids into the HTML (more than 15 thousand!). Among the solutions I thought an Autocomplete field to be the best.

VirtualBox Guest Additions on Debian 7.1: the Linux Headers

A recurring issue I have when creating new Linux VMs under VirtualBox is to make the Guest Additions to work.