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Reinventing UNIX?

Somebody who deleted himself posted this comment about another Microservices craze critique.  I reproduced it below for the sake of hoarding:

The dangers of the 'const' qualifier

Which approach is right? GCC or ICC one?

The best language for writing "Hello World!"

Some time ago I stumbled upon this stupid meme attempt:

Playing with HTML5 Canvas (at last!)

2016 is almost over and NOW I touched HTML5 Canvas!

Faster Decimal Number I/O In C

Today I was playing (never competing, please!) on a CodeChef programming contest and was dismayed when comparing my timings with some other competitors. Theirs were way shorter and I saw no way to improve my O(N) solution because I HAD to read an array of values. My processing was taking place while reading the data, using no loops only simple calculations.