Everything Software Development but, please, let me CODE too!

Skills Summary

I am a Programmer with broad experience from systems to application level. I have worked with many languages and platforms and have no fear nor problem on learning many more.

  • Solid working experience on C, C#, C++, Java, Perl, MUMPS, SQL, Basic and Assembly;
  • Working experience on Python, Ruby, Javascript, Shell, Oracle, PostgreSQL;

Employment History

Apr, 2009 - Ongoing
Brasília, DF
Software Development Consultant 

Highlight: for STJ (from November, 2009 to August, 2010) built and led a very productive software development team able to reduce the average delivery turnaround time from 4 months to only 6 weeks, having released products that were crawling since 2006.
Tech summary: Java (Seam, Richfaces, Web services); Delphi (Indy, Rest and SOAP clients); Ruby on Rails; Adobe Flex; SCRUM.

Feb, 2011 - June, 2012
Cambridge, MA, USA (remote from Brasília, DF, Brazil)
Software Developer. Development of a Windows desktop client for synchronizing local filesystem to OfficeDrop Cloud services. Also created an C++ API to let Nuance Paperport 14 also send scanned documents to the OfficeDrop service, this led to the Paperport Anywhere service that worked until OfficeDrop was acquired by The Neat Corp, in 2013.

Oct, 2002 - Apr, 2009
Brasília, DF

Senior Consultant (C Level, Communications and High-Tech). Several projects as tech leader, architect and project manager. Most relevant:

  • Indicadores (2003)
  • BSCS (2005)
  • Gestão de Contratos (2007)
  • Perfis SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley, 2007)
  • Requirements Management Methodology and Tooling (2007)
  • FrontEnd Unico (2008) 

Tech summary: Java (Struts, BEA, Oracle); C (GCC, Oracle OCI); Perl; C# (Microsoft CCF 2009, VS2008, TFS).

May, 1983 - Oct, 2002
Many jobs
Many places
(Will elaborate later)
Almost 20 years working with dozens of languages and half dozen different hardware platforms.
Tech highlights: Z80, 8085, 8086, 8051 Assembly, C, Perl, MUMPS, xBase, SQL.


Brasília, DF
Postgrad on Software Engineering

Brasília, DF
Bachelor on Business Administration

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